My face is my money maker

My face is my money maker

A few months ago I came across some social media posts talking about "faceless marketing". Building small brands and businesses without showing who you are. Without a connection to you as a founder. Without well…accountability.

I dived a bit into that rabbit hole and well…apparently this is the new hot shit. There are countless courses, webinars, and templates out there on how you can launch a small business – without ever associating yourself as a person to it.

And I am sure it works. But what if I told you that part of the success behind my business is…my face?

My business – Magic Pages – is super techy. It lets you launch a Ghost CMS blog within 30 seconds. All automated.

The reflex of most people launching this kind of business would probably be to follow the "faceless marketing" play book. Rather talk about features and specs. I mean, what would be the benefit of well…a face? A name?

After running Magic Pages for over a year now, the benefit is very clear to me. People like doing business with people. Not with well…faceless websites.

People like to know who's on the other end. Who's going to pick up the pieces when something goes wrong? Who's responsible? Who's accountable?

And putting your name and your face out there does exactly that. Especially for a tech product like Magic Pages.

Instead of being an anonymous tech product, it gets humanised. Seeing me on the front page and knowing my name makes it relatable. It is an easy way to create conversations – and it feels approachable.

Every day I receive emails or chat messages now. They don't start with "Hey team", "Hey there", or "Hey Magic Pages". They start with "Hi Jannis".

Sharing your journey and story as a founder will always create a connection. People like doing business with people.

So, if you also have a tech business, I encourage you to stop hiding behind opaque "About us" pages. Instead, start using your face as a money maker. It is one of the easiest things that can set you apart from your competition. Promise!

(And yes, I acknowledge that this isn't for everybody – it's my personal take. You do you 🙌)